Alex Markova

beanie for blog copy 2.jpg


Explore the typography through creating your own display typeface.


As this project was quite open, I decided to set myself some aims, so I asked myself: what would I like to achieve? It helped me to narrow down my ideas and made me realise that I want my final outcome to be reflection of my design practice in general: practical, yet playful. With that in mind, I opened Illustrator and started to design.  


Beanie is a lowercase display typeface that comes in two styles: sans serif & slab serif. I decided to built it basing on two geometric shapes: circle and rectangle, to ease the process and achieve a consistency in design. Once the sans serif was created, it was just a matter of adding a little bean like shape to letterform, in order to transform it to slab serif. Both styles are versatile and can be used in different contexts, depending on the mood and feel that needs to be achieved.