Alex Markova


This concept was created for a pitch during the internship at Happy Ending Agency


Red Bull partnered with YCN to run a series of talks on productivity and creativity at work (i.e. workspace design, mindfulness, technology, etc) - Can Do Sessions. The events needed a consistent identity that would work on different platforms and become recognisable.  


The following concept was inspired by the learning aspect of workshops. Design language focuses on communicating friendly and positive environment of the sessions, where you can learn something new and meet like minded people. The colour palette, typography and supporting graphic elements were chosen and created to appeal to young, diverse audience, who is open to learn and improve their skills in various fields. 

01 Color Palette

The colour palette is built from taking the existing Red Bull colours - Red & Yellow and complementing them with a Light Turquoise. When used together, they create bold and striking visual effect. As an option, they can also be used individually, with each colour representing a different subject of Can Do Sessions (e.g. Red for work related workshops, Blue for mindfulness, yellow for communication, etc.)


02 Typography

The primary font was chosen because of it’s modern, clean look as well as the young feel it carries. Different weights for headings, subheadings and body text can be used in order to achieve a typographic hierarchy and highlight important information. The secondary font is used for Red Bull captions, creating a visual connection between the Can Do Sessions and the Red Bull brand.


03 Logotype

The logotype is a simple bold mark and can be used in both in monochrome and colour. It’s easy shape allows it to be applied on variety of mediums, both digital and print. The rectangular border allows it to be used as a modular block, for building the layouts with additional information (e.g. city, date, name of the session). 

04 Modular Layout

To ease the design process for different sessions I came up with a system of modular blocks. Depending on the need, the position and the information inside the blocks can be changed, as well as the main colours. That allows to tailor the structure for different sessions and customise it as desired. 

05 Icons

Created specifically for Can Do Sessions, those icons can be used separately to identify a certain session or together as a seamless pattern. 

06 Posters

07 Social Media