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This project was completed as a response for John Lewis Brief (D&AD New Blood 2018)


Good Deeds Club is a long-term campaign, that sparks up the discussion on conscious consumerism and inspires people to shape better future together with John Lewis.

Based on the motto “small actions - big difference”, the campaign spans across different departments and allows John Lewis to stand out as a place for changing shopping habits, meeting like-minded and learning easy ways of leading a more conscious lifestyle. 

Why conscious consumerism & lifestyle? 

Young people are becoming more socially conscious and want to be sure that their actions and behaviour carry a positive impact on the world. However, they might not necessarily know what to change or where to start. John Lewis can step up and offer young generation a platform for making smart choices towards better future. 

Who is the Club for?

Existing and new customers, people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join. The wide range of activities and events to participate in ensures that anyone will find a way to do a good deed.

Good Deal

The “Good Deal” part of the campaign aims to help visitors to establish good shopping habits, reduce the plastic footprint and to be more mindful about the purchases and their impact, making more informed decisions.

Recycle Stations. Visitors are offered to recycle their unwanted clothes or electronic devices at special stations provided by UK Recycle Centres, in exchange for a discount voucher valid on a selected range of “Good Deal” products.  

Reward System. Bringing reusable shopping bags is promoted by in-store posters and using thermoses or reusable cups when purchasing hot drinks gives customer 50p off their order.

“Good Deal” Products. The range promotes products that last long, decrease plastic footprint and are good for the environment. The range can include the products that are already available at John Lewis Stores as well as a special “Good Deeds Club” merchandise.

Good Food

Nowadays, people are willing to be more conscious about the food they eat, by choosing local produce, focusing on plant-based ingredients and cutting down processed or packaged food. The great news is that following a balanced diet, not only does wonder for health but also makes a positive impact on the environment in the long run.

Weekly Specials. Visitors can try delicious, plant-based meals in John Lewis “Place To Eat“. Seasonal dishes, made from fresh, local ingredients would be highlighted in cafes and promoted around the stores.

Accessible Recipes. All dishes would be provided with easy-to-follow recipes, inspiring customers to re-create them at home. They can be placed on tray covers in the Cafe or on packaging for Grab & Go Food.

Special Offers in Waitrose. Waitrose can support the initiative, by offering promotions and special prices on the ingredients needed for the recipes, allowing people to get quality products at a better price. 

Good Time

Good Time is a series of talks, classes and workshops, that can be held in different departments of John Lewis Stores. The themes would evolve around conscious lifestyle and can also be tied to certain occasions or seasons. The variety ensures that everyone would find something interesting to do:  from picky youngsters to enthusiastic parents and their children.  

Good Digest

Good Digest aims to extend the campaign beyond the door of the physical store and create a presence in social media by using Instagram. The choice of platform was based on the fact that it is popular among different generations and serves as a great medium for informing, inspiring and encouraging people to share the message. 


Further promotion can be done via moving posters placed in the tube, on bus stops and outdoor screens, ensuring that it will reach and interest as many people as possible. (Please refer to the video enclosed)