Alex Markova



Over the past few years the concept of self-care has shown an increase in popularity. The term has been highly commercialised, with more and more products appearing on the shelfs and social media popping with #self-care, #treat-ya-self captions, depicting glamourised and often unattainable ideas about what personal care should look like.



Habito aims to bring self-care back to its routes, defining it as a constant work, as opposed to a quick fix, by offering 30 illustrated habit cards, that takes a little time to practice, but goes a long way.


Logotype + Tag Line. The logotype is based on the idea of habits being divided into three categories: morning, daytime and evening, depicting them in two-colour style, that complements the illustrations on the cards. 

Typography. Choosing TT Commons as a font family to use was based on its great legibility even in small sizes as well as the neutral, but friendly sans-serif appearance.

Colour Palette. Bold, contrasting colours were chosen to bring out the fun, light tone in the illustrations.


Each Habito pack comes with 45 cards and an instruction leaflet to get one started. 


Habit List

The cards are divided into three categories, depending on the time of the day they are best to be practised. 

Creating the list, I made sure that included activities are short, enjoyable and beneficial for various areas of well-being.  


Habito Cards

The illustration on the front of the card acts as a visual reminder for practicing a habit, while the brief description on the back side explains the methodology and the benefits of a implementing a habit into a daily routine.

Tracking Cards

Designed to fit in three different habits at the same time, this card allows to keep the track of the progress for up to 30 days, which is a minimum for establishing a habit that lasts. 

"Create Your Own" Cards

Five cards left blank, allowing people to come up with habits of their choice. As with original Habit cards, the front side is left as a visual reminder, while the back side provides a space for going into details. 

Cards Packaging

Packaging for the cards was designed to match the style of the illustrations, featuring a whimsical character on the front and a brief product description on the back.

Stands Packaging

Each wooden stand is packed individually; with packaging mimicking the visual language of the card box, making a clear connection between the products.

Habito Online

The Instagram page was created for introducing Habito to a wider audience, providing a space for building community and sharing inspirational tips.



An online page features photographs, videos and written content, aiming to advertise Habito and allow people to register their interest in the product.