Alex Markova



As a year group at Chelsea College of Arts we were invited to create individual artworks for a pop up printing station organised by Media 10 at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018. The aim of the station is to promote repurposing of old tote bags and giving them a second life by updating the designs on them. We were given several themes to draw an inspiration including: the design community, uniting skills and collaboration.  

project tote idea2.png

Little Tote Station

I decided to re-imagine the process of updating tote bags as a fun and quirky factory mechanism. Little Tote Station is a mobile platform where bags go through various stages and levels in order to be given a second life. 

The Crew

Like any collaborative creative process, updating the tote bags requires a work of team, so I created a set of characters, whose diverse skills complement each other in the common effort of promoting the idea of repurposing. 

Final Artwork

The Production Guide

For the purposes of introducing the client to the artwork, I also created an explanatory guide, that goes through all of the processes happening on the illustration.